Shape Shifters

There will be no video for this post. I had a lot of technical difficulties with it, and wasn’t able to upload it.

Today I will be teaching you lovely people about shape shifters.

Basically, a shape shifter is a human who can transform either into an animal or another human.

The most popular shape shifting legends are those of werewolves, vampires, fox spirits of East Asia, and deities of mythology.

Some people even believe that alien reptoids are capable of shape shifting into humans and are currently living among us.

Isn’t that Scientology?

Other terms for shape shifters include metamorph, skin-walker, mimic, and therianthrope. Try saying that five times fast.

Almost every culture in the world has some sort of transformation myth. Even a lot of animals have myths tied to them.

Although shape shifting is usually about humans who transform into animals, some animals can also shape shift.

Even though werewolves are categorized as shape shifters, there are a few differences.

Shape shifters can transform at will, but werewolves can’t.

Also, shape shifters can usually control their intelligence and actions when in another form.

If Remus Lupin taught us anything, it’s that werewolves don’t have control over their actions when they shift.

Since the werewolf legend is tied closely to the shape shifter legend, a silver bullet is supposedly the only thing that will kill a shape shifter.

Though, some people believe decapitation might work, as well.

So, now that you are an expert on shape shifters, let’s talk about Supernatural.

Shape shifters have come up in a few different episodes, but the circumstances of their appearance changes.

Instead of going through episode-by-episode, I’m just going to give you a brief overview of what a Supernatural shape shifter is.

First, I need to clarify. Even though another term for a shape shifter is a “skin-walker,” Supernatural treats these as two separate things.

A shape shifter can transform into a human, while a skin-walker can transform into an animal. In reality, though, they’re the same thing.

A shape shifter can transform into anyone. When it does, it takes on their physical appearance as well as their voice and memories.

The person it shifts into can be either dead or alive (at this point, I’m really tempted to make a Bon Jovi joke…).

For the shape shifter to become another person, it has to go through a very painful process of shedding its own skin.

The Alpha shape shifter, though, can transform quickly without shedding its skin.

The only easy way to spot a shape shifter is by getting them on video. There is a very distinct retinal flare when they are filmed.

Most shape shifters in the show turn to a life of crime to make up for the fact that they were born ugly and hated by everyone.

The only way for them to be accepted was to become someone else.

That concludes our lovely lesson in the supernatural. Until next time, my fine friends.


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