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White Ladies

Before you start in on this blog post, I highly suggest you go watch that video right up there. It goes over some necessary background information which I will expand upon here.

First off, I don’t claim to be any kind of expert in the supernatural. For the purposes of this blog, though, I will come as close as I possibly can to an expert so that I’m not leading you astray with false knowledge. The last thing I want to happen is for you to go around telling people about what I’ve written and for it to turn out to be completely inaccurate. So, to avoid that, I’ve spent hours upon hours researching for this post. Literally. I’m not exaggerating. I spent somewhere in the ballpark of six hours doing research for this. I want it to be as factual as possible. So let’s just jump right on in, shall we?

If you still haven’t watched that little video up there, you really should take this time to do that. I mean, honestly, it’s three minutes long. Just do it. I will wait.

Done? Good.

In addition to the two legends I mentioned in the video, there are countless others. Sometimes the legends have multiple versions, such as the story of the White Lady of Branch Brook Park in New Jersey. In one version, a newlywed couple is killed on their wedding night. In another, the couple was on their way to prom when they crashed into a tree. The boy lived, but the girl died. Some say she is still looking for her prom date.

There have been reports of a White Lady just off Clearview Drive in Mukilteo, Washington. Legend has it that she can be seen walking down the road, standing and pointing, or trying to hitch a ride. Anonymous reports also say that there has been crying and screaming coming from the forest.

Most White Lady legends have some combination of love, sex, murder, or betrayal. She is usually someone’s unhappy/illicit/suicidal lover. White Ladies are not born out of hatred. They are created out of sorrow. Even in the cases where she is out for vengeance, it is because of the loss of a child or lover. Most reports even say that her face isn’t scary in the least, it’s sad.

Just the fact that there are multiple versions of the same story tends to suggest that it is fabricated in some way. Some people speculate that White Lady legends borrow from and blur with other legends, making it hard to tell what is false. A lot of things that White Ladies do can be explained by means other than just jumping to “it’s a ghost!” The White Lady in Mukilteo, WA, is said to put dead animals in the road that appear to have been eaten. I don’t know about you, but if there was a dead animal in the middle of the road that looked half-eaten, I’d assume another animal ate it. Even the sightings of White Ladies can be explained. On rainy or foggy nights, the headlights of cars produce an eerie ghost-like shadow.

I promised you I would connect the actual urban legend to the show Supernatural. If you haven’t seen the show, I highly recommend it. It’s by far my favorite. A little background information: Sam and Dean are brothers who hunt supernatural creatures. Here we go.

White Ladies show up in the Pilot of Supernatural. This White Lady strays a little bit from the actual legends. After finding out that her husband was unfaithful, she killed her children and then herself. As a ghost, she wanders up and down the road looking for unfaithful men. She hitchhikes and, when the men pick her up, makes them driver her home. Once they get to her house, though, she turns on them and kills them for their infidelity. It’s Sam and Dean’s job to kill her before she can kill again.

The version of the White Lady legend in Supernatural is actually a combination of the White Lady legend and that of the Vanishing Hitchhiker. In the Vanishing Hitchhiker legend, the driver goes to tell the hitchhiker goodbye only to see that he/she has already vanished. This particular legend has been around since the times of horse drawn carriages.

In the end, Sam and Dean defeat the White Lady and all is well in the world…Until the next episode.